Sunday, 24. August 2025, Philadelphia, Dad Horse XP US Tour 2025

from 24. August 2025 - 22:00
till 09. November 2025 - 1:00
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So some days later after being deported from US soil for not traveling with the proper visa as a musician, I've licked my wounds a bit, reseached my options & set my mind to TRY IT AGAIN - AND IF IT TAKES 10 YEARS!
In order to reach this goal I made TWO DECISIONS:
Firstly, I prescribed my self a straight fitness program. Dad Horse's clock is counting backwards after he passed the age of 50 & there is some medical heritage from the time before I switched to milk, so let's say it's not tremendously likely that I have more time here as I've already wasted so far. So I need to keep myself in good shape. Physical & psychic exercises has to do it now for me.
Second, I will start the process of applying for a regular, official artist visa to get access to the US soil & playing legally paid shows. The problem with this kind of visa is that there are pretty high requirements & Kafkaesque demands from the authorities, so if you have no Nobel prize (no joke) it won't be easy for a musician of my level (see ) PLUS it might take years over years. The fact that I've been caught in the act of violating US visa rules won't make it easier at all or speeden up the process -- quite the opposite probably. PLUS it will cost few thousand dollars, too... There are some more concerns which I shouldn't discuss publicly but in the end it might virtually lead to a Dad Horse come back not earlier than 2025 -- if there'll be a come back at all! I do surely hope to get it sooner & one purpose of this event page is to keep you up-to-date about any future development.
At this point let me say how overwhelmed and happy I've been by the support you showed me after my detention was made public! So many people from everywhere sent their uplifting comments & posts, Muddy Roots Events put up a spontaneous T-Shirt fundraising campaign, people ordered **** of stuff from my shop to support me getting over the financial loss & some of you even donated small & bigger money, I can't name it all, nor are words enough to thank you! I mean my music has always had the intention to bring solace to whoever is receptive for it & now all your support & even the attention I've got for a few days brought back solace to me in my uncomfort. For me that appears to be magic somehow. It'll be never forgotten.
Like everywhere where the sun of good hearts is shining, there has been some minor shadow nevertheless. Not talking about mocking comments a la “that'll be a lesson for him being smart-****” but about some of you who expressed their frustration in comments like “How can they deport a banjo player from Germany but let in thousands from Mexico & Africa & even provide them with insurance & food stamps.” People. People! There are forces who set up stupid regulations against musicians and many other benevolent people in your country & elsewhere. And used to do many other much more terrible things beside that! Keep your eyes open & keep your mind clear. Don't allow them to distract you from seeing it & keeping you away from standing against it by telling you that some poor people escaping poverty, war & crime are “the problem.” They are not. You are if you eat that **** & cheap propaganda!
Now these days, despite all your overwhelming wave of support & attention, there is sorrow & self-pity breeding in my mind. Nothing good could ever keep me away from this in the long run. I feel useless & lonesome. Before my feet the familiar abyss is yawning like an old friend who comes for a visit unexpectedly. And I don't know for how long he will stay. But you know what? That's okay, if there'd be no **** there'll be no gold ever so expect some new songs & a new album in the next 12 months!


First, JUST STAY IN TOUCH -- I will use this event page in particular to keep you updated about any legal or spiritual development, I'll be happy if you throw back any comment or post to let me know that the Dad Horse XP isn't yet forgotten.
Second, INVITE YOUR FRIENDS. Facebook‘s silly invitation policy doesn't allow me to invite all of my friends located in the US so I'd appreciate heartly if you let know everybody you think might like to know about it or joining the party, so PLEASE SHARE IT!

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Third, JOIN THE PARTY -- money of course is an issue & I considered to set up a kind of crowdfunding for my expected expenses related to visa etc. But for what? There'll be always enough chances to spend your money & get yourself something nice or useless from my website in order to support the cause. You can even use the donation button there if you don't like my merch. You can bet I will seeth my mind to **** out new opportunities frequently for you to join the party till the Second Coming of the Dad Horse XP will hopefully take place before the Second Coming of the Lord: there'll be special sales, Dad Horse impersonator contests, if you sold lemonade on the street to raise some bucks for the Dad Horse XP I will post a photo etc. etc.
Also, before you spend your money to support an odd banjo preacher with a quirky voice from Germany, you might find people elsewhere or in your neighbourhood who really & desperately need any kind of support or funding. Might even be people from Mexico or Africa.

Dad Horse XP US Tour 2025, Philadelphia event

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