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Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

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On December 7, 1941
Japanese forces carried out a
surprise attack on the United
States military base at Pearl

The goal of the attack was to
prevent the United States from
joining the war in the Pacific

The Japanese attacked with 6

408 aircraft were used

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There were two waves of
bombers: all ships had
been ranked and bombers
targeted “high-value” ships such
as battleships and aircraft carriers
(though no aircraft carriers were in
the harbor at the time)

5 midget submarines were
also used– but were ultimately

Isoroku Yamamoto was the
Japanese Naval Marshal Admiral

Chuichi Nagamo was the
commander and chief of the
first air fleet used to attack Pearl
Harbor (was seen as ineffective
in Japan for not launching a third
wave which could have destroyed
repair facilities and oil storages)

The attack was intended to take
place after Japan’s Declaration of
War, but failed to do so.

United States of America

4 Battleships sunk

3 Battleships damaged

1 Battleship grounded

2 other ships sunk

3 Cruisers damaged

3 Destroyers damaged

3 other ships damaged

188 Aircraft destroyed

159 Aircraft damaged

2,402 Soldiers killed

1,247 Soldiers wounded

57 Civilians killed


4 midget submarines sunk

1 midget submarine grounded

29 aircraft destroyed

64 soldiers killed

1 soldier captured

There are many reasons that
the Japanese fleet attacked the
fleet at Pearl Harbor:

Basically it all comes down to

The United States had trade
embargoed Japan to starve the
country of oil

The only recourse they had
was to take oil fields in the East

The only force that could stop
them was the United States
Navy, which had conveniently
moved from San Diego to

Other reasons include:

To destroy the American fleet to
allow Japan time to expand its

Weakening the morale of the
citizens of the United States

The overall intention was to
conquer East Asia and South
East Asia without interference
from the United States

+ Welcome to the war

On December 8th, 1941 the United States of
America entered the War– Including the European,
Pacific, and African theaters.

The September 11th attacks was
another major attack on US soil.

What similarities or differences do you
see between 9/11 and the attack on Pearl Harbor?

Pearl Harbor, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii event

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