Monday, 15. May 2017, Corvallis, Audition - His Girl Friday

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Audition - His Girl Friday
May 15, 16 @ 7:00pm
Majestic Theatre Community Room
Press Contact: Sarah Sullivan

His Girl Friday- A Screwball Comedy of Noir Journalism, Crooked Politics, Love and Murder

Auditions: May 15th and 16th, 2017 at 7:00PM
Majestic Theatre Community Room
Callbacks and for anyone who can't make it to the earlier auditions: May 17th, 2017 at 7:00pm in the Community Room

Director: Sarah Sullivan
And a fabulous team of designers and crew!!!!!

Performances: September 29th, 30th, October 1st, (Possibly October 5th), October 6th, 7th and 8th.

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For more information, serious audition conflicts, or questions:
Phone: (620) 353-9352

Auditions will be mostly cold-reading but there will be audition packets available in the main office of the theatre starting in March for you to pick up and check out if you would like. If you have a monologue you would like to perform at auditions, that's perfectly fine as well but you do not have to come with something prepared.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals will be from 7-9pm on Monday through Thursday unless the cast votes to have them from 6:30-8:30pm at the all cast read through. Following the week of auditions and casting of the show, the next Monday, May 22nd will be for a full cast and crew viewing of the movie. The next Monday, the 29th will be a full cast read-through and an opportunity for the designers to get to know all of you, take measurements for costumes, etc.

For the months of June and July, there will be a check in rehearsal one night per week while all of the cast work on memorizing their lines and get to know their characters. All cast members will not be called to every rehearsal. Lead roles will most likely be requested to be present at every rehearsal. Beginning on Monday, July 31st, rehearsals will be Monday-Thursday for the rest of the weeks leading up to the show.

Here's the Facts:
Hildy Johnson is done with the newspaper game. Or so she thinks. Her ex-husband and former editor, Walter Burns isn't going to let her go that easily. Soon she's drawn back into the tantalizing noir world of 1930's journalism, chasing a story of an escaped murderer. Come join us on this screwball comedic romp that is an adaptation of the movie by the same name directed by Howard Hawks (which was based on the play The Front Page by Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur).

The Cast Includes roles for 23-27 men, able to play ages ranging 16-80 and 9-11 women, able to play ages ranging 18-80. There will also be roles for 5-7 children able to play ages ranging 10-14.

Main Characters:

1.) Hildy Johnson- The woman who talks and reports as good or better than any man in the business. She's no damsel in distress and doesn't take lip from anyone including her editor. She can think on her feet and yet she has a tugging urge to be more than just a 'news-getting machine'.

2.) Walter Burns- Editor and owner of The Morning Post, the newspaper in town that has just a hint of shady overtones in its nature. He operates down side and back roads of legal morality, but at heart, he just doesn't want to lose the best reporter he's ever had and the only woman he's ever loved.

3.) Bruce Baldwin- The sweet-hearted milquetoast insurance agent who fell head-over-heels for Hildy when he met her on her sabbatical away from Walter in Bermuda. He's come to the city with her as she says farewell to her ex-husband and starts a new life with him. Or so he hopes... They are supposed to be getting married tomorrow...

4.) Sheriff Hartwell- The bumbling crooked sheriff who will do anything to get re-elected, even help the equally crooked mayor hide a pardon the night before an execution. Nicknamed "Pinkie", he's easily flustered and often the butt of the reporter's jokes and stories.

5-10.) Murphy, Bensinger, Endicott, McCue, Wilson and Sanders- 6 fast-talking, poker-playing, reporters who argue, swipe headlines from each other and are always one story away from going broke or getting arrested. They are best friends, worst enemies and a boys' club that they've gladly accepted Hildy into as 'one of the boys'.

11.) Mayor- The crooked partner to Sheriff Hartwell who's always at odds with the governor, the law, and the journalists who, unfortunately for him, are too smart for their own good. It's two days until the election, the polls are not in his favor, and as a last ditch effort to win, he and Sheriff Hartwell try to conceal a repreive from the Governor.

12.) Louie Palooso- The Slot-Machine king, gangster of New York and best friend/henchman to Walter Burns. His daily routine in Walter's employ includes disappearing witnesses, counterfeiting money, and planting evidence. But for Walter, he'd give him the shirt off his back.

13.) Duffy- The long-suffering diabetic editor under Walter Burns who does everything he can to keep The Morning Post running and Burns out of jail. He's sometimes the only legalality compass in Burns' life.

14.) Earl Williams- A quiet bookkeeper who lost his job after fourteen years at the same company. Couldn't find another and snapped one day and shot a police officer. His life hangs in the balance and it's up to the journalists to try to save him. But if they fail, he doesn't plan on going quietly.

15.) Mollie Malloy- A sweet gal, known to the reporters because she performs and bartends at one of the dives down on Center Street. She's been the target for juicy gossip in the reporter's columns because she was kind to Earl Williams and helped him out as a witness at his trial. Now the rumors have escalated to her being his girlfriend and having a love nest with him. She's the one they turn to when he escapes and she takes matters into her own hands.

Minor Characters:

16.-25.) The Morning Post reporters, copy boys, switchboard gals, secretaries, legal, lay-out, etc. - Most of these characters have speaking parts and as an adaptation, I reserve the right to see something you do at auditions, fall in love with it and write it into the script! These ladies and gentlemen are something akin to a pirate crew, bending ethics to get the next story, trying to keep from strangling Burns when he comes up with one of his plans that puts The Post within a split-hair distance of the band saw and they generally cope with violent outbursts, liquor in the bottom desk drawer and poker after hours.

26.) Mr. Pete Davis- Gentleman who is mistaken by Burns for Bruce in the first act. An older gentleman who thought today was his lucky day, getting to talk to the editor himself, only to become part of a slapstick routine.

27.) Mr. Joe Pettibone- The absent-minded, bumbling process server, who brings the reprieve to the Sheriff and Mayor. They try to bribe him but he gets confused and then promptly booted out the door by the crooked pair only to reappear at the most dire moment at the end of the show.

28.) Mrs. Baldwin- The hoity-toity mother of Bruce and soon to be (maybe) mother-in-law to Hildy. She openly disapproves of her future daughter-in-law's lifestyle as a journalist and when she witnesses the secret Hildy and Burns are trying to keep underwraps until the exclusive story is out, she has to go. Kidnapped and in a car accident and then resurfacing to show her disapproval. She's only in the second act, but so memorable you feel like she was with you through the whole story.

29.) Warden Cooley- The city official who is paid peanuts to watch the jail, sees everything but won't open his trap without some green tickling his palm. He's a friend to Hildy and with a little monetary encouragement he arranges for her to interview Earl Williams for a story and then later tries to outrun her when she comes to get the full scoop, but is tackled to the ground by a determined Hildy.

30.) Dr. Egelhoffer- The profound thinker from Washington that is brought in to give a sanity test to Earl Williams the night before his hanging. Pompous and self-promoting, his lack of tact makes him a hilarious mental health expert and an all around fun character.

31.) Gus, the watiter- Gus never made it to the silverscreen like he'd planned. Instead, he ended up as the head waiter in the pub all the reporters come to for chow when they have the dough to pay. He gladly helps Burns in the shenanigans he plots at the pub and in return has the benefits of Burns' contacts to help him get auditions.

32.) Insurance Doctor- A small cameo part as the poor unfortunate doctor who has to examine Mr. Burns for the insurance policy he's pledged to buy with Bruce's company. He likes Bruce but feels he's very naive and leaves with the distinct feeling that this insurance policy isn't going to happen.

33.-36.) Frank, Carl and Joe- The police officers who try to do their jobs despite the crooked Sheriff Hartwell they report to. Some fun bits with these parts, a few speaking lines and a lot of conflict between their sense of duty to the Sheriff and the desire to arrest him because they have an idea that he's crooked.

37.) Evangeline- Gorgeous gal and one of Louie's girls used to entrap Bruce and get him arrested for 'mashing'. A fun cameo part with some lines and some flirty acting.

38.-42.) The Little Rascals gang- Five street urchins who are alternately being paid a couple of pennies to sell and deliver newspapers and getting into trouble playing street games and trying to pick pockets of passersby.

The nature of this show is unusual because EVERY part no matter how many lines or how much stage time they have, has the chance to completely steal the show. This is going to be a fun production with a flexible rehearsal schedule, especially during the summer and I'm willing to work with everyone's schedules in the interest of having an exciting, fun and memorable show that will have the audience completely drawn into the world we create on the stage...and in the aisles...and the back of the house. Pretty much throughout the theater. Hope to see you all there!

If you are reading this and not sure what this crazy lady has been yammering on about, I invite you all to watch the movie in its entirety as a public domain film here:

Audition - His Girl Friday, Corvallis event

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