Thursday, 21. November 2019, Austin, Indigenous Right Relations Building - Four Day Immersive - Core Community Activation

from 21. November 2019 - 10:00
till 24. November 2019 - 21:00


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>> Opening Words of Prayer & Acknowledgement

Giving Thanks for the guidance in your heart that has lead you to consider delving into this Indigenous Allyship Training - Weekend Intensive ~ Giving thanks and acknowledgement to the First Peoples whose traditional territory this will be taking place on, the Indigenous Land of The Tonkawa, Comanches, Lipan Apaches First Peoples ~ You considering taking part in this has already impacted you ~ Creating a space in this moment to honor how ~


>> Intention

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This Is A “Four Day Immersive - Core Community Activation” With The Intent To Call Upon, Activate & Prepare The Core Community In This Growing Movement Of Practicing Allyship To The First Peoples ~


>> The Heart Of It

We’ve each been colonized & this impacts everything ~ I understand this to be the deciding factor that determines the outcomes & informs interactions between our healing Ancestors ~ Life has shaped me in such a way to share understanding about this, in heartfelt, in-depth & empowering ways ~ I hold my hands up to the Elders, Mentors & Village that raised me, to the many Aunties that kept me in my heart & accountable to my emotions, to the Ceremony that gave my spirit a home ~ I was born during a time of tremendous healing with a responsibility to the generations to come ~ I honor the place in your heart that cares deeply for the Indigenous People, I honor the unwitnessed truths in your being that need a place to be ~ This is where we meet ~


>> During This Immersive, Together We Will:

> Delve into what it means to belong to a lineage ~

> Get greater understand on how we’ve each been colonized ~

> Feel into what the long term impact of this is ~

> Connect this to how this affects being in Right Relationship with Indigenous People ~

> See what’s at the heart of cultural appropriation ~

> Learn more about what is right use of privilege ~

> Receive some practical skills to use when building connection with Indigenous People ~

> Clarify what your role is in the Practicing Allyship community of your region ~

> Place a lot of focus delving deep as well as integrating all the content shared ~

> Cultivate a bond & connection between one another ~


>> Four Fundamental Truths To Affirm

On This Shared Path of Indigenous Right Relationship Making:

1.) We’ve come a long way to be here right now, it wasn’t that long ago that our Ancestors couldn’t so much as be in the same room ~ Let’s unpack why & where to go from here ~

2.) In accordance with the teachings of my Elders & Village that raised me, vulnerability is a form of strength ~ Let’s become stronger together ~

3.) We are one anothers strongest resource ~ Let’s learn how to be with one another in the way of healing, feeling, knowing and growing ~ We belong closer ~

4.) You are a messenger of your Ancestors ~ There are unspoken truths living through you, passed on from your lineage ~ Let’s hear one another in deep & power’filled ways ~



> You are interested in offering services to Indigenous communities & wish to do so in a knowledgeable & respectful way ~

> You currently work with an Indigenous based organization & wish to create a stronger connection ~

> You are willing to create a space in your life for the practice of being in Allyship to the First Peoples ~

> You are willing to understand the hurts in your own Ancestry & the long term impact of having been colonized & don't know how to do this or where to even start ~

> You would like to invite the involvement of Indigenous people to your organization, company, gathering, conference or project and wish to do so in a respectful & honoring way ~

> You have a desire to understand more about the long term impact of colonization ~

> You have taken courses & read books & would like a very real life interaction with someone who’s been through it ~

> You are willing to hear the truth of what happened & how it is today ~


>> Brief Overview

Thursday, Nov.21st - 10am - 9pm


> “Land Based Intros”

> “Heart to Heart Questions”

> “Buddy Support” - Demo

> “From My Heart To Ours”

> “Our Place In The Movement”


Friday, Nov.22nd - 10am - 9pm

> “7 Generations”

> “Because I Was Colonized”

> “3 Ancestors Journey”

> “Group Visioning”


Saturday, Nov.23rd - 10am - 9pm

> “Peaceful Advocacy”

> “The Heart of Cultural Appropriation”

> “Right Use of Privilege”

> “It’s Not If It’s When”

> “Trigger Emergency Kit”


Sunday, Nov.24th - 10am - 9pm

> “Where I Stand”

> “To Be Of The Earth”

> “Land Acknowledgement Practice”

> “Moving Forward”



>> Blessed Requests

> Full Hearted, Full Four Day Immersive Commitment

> To Be Free of Alcohol For 4 Days Prior To This Experience


>> Registration Process

> This “Four Day Immersive - Core Community Activation” Training is a sliding scale offering of $400-$600, with a $300 option that needs approval ~

> Request for the Intake Process to be initiated by going to the Eventbrite & clicking the “Free” ticket option, then allow for a 1-3 day response ~

> Upon completion of the 3 Part Intake Question process, you will then be permitted to Secure Your Spot in this Four Day Immersive by making a non-refundable $100 deposit ~


>> About The Facilitator

Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is from the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation with Nuchanulth and Lummi Ancestry. With a background in cultural reclamation based youth outreach, Pulxaneeks is a skilled facilitator and grew up with the Indigenous environmental youth organization called “Rediscovery”. She later went on to work for Rediscovering offering support to at-risk Indigenous youth in various settings such as camps, schools, inner city programming and international cultural exchange. This is where her path of being a group facilitator, program designer and event producer was sparked 19 years ago.

Pulxaneeks was raised both on and off the Indigenous village she was born to and grew up being exposed to both Indigenous and non Indigenous cultures. Her most recent development is based entirely on the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both cultures and from this came the development of this offering, Indigenous Relations Consultation. She honors the Elders, Mentors and huge family whose love she is a living result of and the Ancestors whose strength and resilience is flowing through her veins.


“The truth is, regardless of who you and where you're from, our Ancestors have been through a lot ~ There are many things that tried to obliterate all forms of goodness & you are living, loving proof that it didn't work”



Indigenous Right Relations Building - Four Day Immersive - Core Community Activation, Austin event

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