Tuesday, 16. July 2019, Five Lakes Resort, The Five to Seven Business Bootcamp

from 16. July 2019 - 9:00
till 18. July 2019 - 17:00

Five Lakes Resort

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First things first, a statement from me: I’m genuinely passionate about helping entrepreneurs to grow their businesses from 5 figures to multiple 7 figures, so they can live the life they truly want.
I have worked with numerous entrepreneurs to grow their business profit by 61% using our specific business growth formula and models ranging from start up businesses and self-employed individuals through to seven figure enterprises.

And in that time, do you know what I have realised?
All business challenges boil down to 3 things: 
1) How to make more money 
2) How to build a team and a structure to run the business
3) How you can find ways to reclaim time for you to be able to do other things in your life.
I'm not just a 'theorist'.  I do what I teach for my own business.
You can be confident that everything you learn is 100% tried, tested and proven to work.
I am not going to be standing in front of you saying I am a multi millionaire and you can be like that too if you sell this product...
I have been at the same stage as you at some stage in my career and entrepreneurial journey. I have owned a restaurant, led a £12,000,000 national training company and been on the board of a multi-million pound business by the age of 29.
I have worked hard, lost money, made money, done well and not so well, so I know the reality of what it is like to run a business and not the glamorised ideal. 

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It frustrates me when I see glamorised ideas of freedom of time and money and promises that you'll be sunning yourself on a yacht cruising around the Caribbean by this time next year. 
In most cases it doesn't happen that quickly or easily.
Most business owners experience one, two or all three challenges along the way.
They have a dysfunctional team, they are working 60-70 hours a week, their systems are not working and they have little money at the end of the process. 
They want their team to be more motivated, enthused and reliable but they aren't, so the business owner is doing the work and at end of month not earning as there is no profit left in the business. 
To the outside world, they look successful but they work all hours, have to cajole their staff and are the lowest paid person in the business.
They are thinking that they would earn more going back to a job than running this company, but they don't want to do it for all the reasons why they set up on their own in the first place. They are questioning if it is really worth it. They could work for someone else, work 40 hours a week, have less worry and stress and someone else would be carrying the risks. 
They want to do something different or better...   
If that sounds familiar, then you won't want to miss The Five to Seven Bootcamp!
This is what makes it different to any other business event you have attended before:

1. It's not just about INFORMATION
Information alone is not enough. If you think about it, you can get information whenever and wherever you like. Just jump on YouTube or Google. There are literally millions of videos, websites, reports, etc, which can give you more information.
But that information alone is worthless unless you IMPLEMENT it.
So why would you take three days out of your life and travel to Essex to attend? Surely you wouldn’t go to all that trouble just for more information? Of course you wouldn’t!
One of the main reasons you’d attend is because the likelihood of you implementing what you learn is far greater than if you just picked up some information online.
And The Five To Seven Bootcamp is all about IMPLEMENTATION.
You'll start to understand the key things to growing your business to multiple seven figures, you will take away strategies and ideas at the end of the 3 days, which will make a really quick difference to your business. 
2. No Old, Out of Date Content
At The Five To Seven Bootcamp we’ll be showing you the best ways for you to grow your business in the next 90 days. 
There is no magic formula, snake oil or get rich solution. It's about time, effort, commitment and accountability. 
You will leave with a 90-Day Action Plan based on 3 or 4 key strategies for your business to start working on right away, which will lead to an improvement in your time, team or profit.
I don't just talk about these topics, I implement them in my business now and for the clients on my Mastermind and One to One coaching programmes. Everything is tested and measured, nothing is left to chance.
I believe in the power of great coaching and therefore am still coached by individuals considered to be at the very top of the business coaching industry. Why? Because I believe in being continually stretched and challenged myself as a business owner; just because I am a coach, it does not mean that I cannot develop further. Everything that I will show you at the bootcamp has been tested by myself and thousands of businesses across the globe. 

At The Five To Seven Bootcamp, I'll deliver three content-packed days, which I know you will find extremely valuable…
Day 1: Introduction to Growing Your Business and Increasing Your Profits
We look at the importance of knowing the vision, mission and culture of your business. I'll share various formulas with you to help you learn, change and achieve business and life success. 
We'll talk about the ways you can leverage your business and why you need to and how to become a master at managing time, money and delivery.
Day 2: How To Use Teams, Sales and Systems to Leverage Your Business
We discuss the importance of having a niche for your business and why this makes you more money.  We also talk about the need to identify your ideal customer and how to build a marketing campaign to attract your ideal customer to you.
I'll share a model with you for identifying key differences in how your ideal customers think and behave to help you with working with them. 
We discuss the importance of questions in the sales process. 
We also cover the power of systemisation in leveraging your business. 
We look at creating teams, setting goals and planning to achieve results in your business.
Day 3:  How to create plans to take your business to the next level
We discuss the importance of planning and look at your business and personal ambitions over the next 1, 3, 5 and 10 years. 
I will show you the models that you can follow to ensure that your business plans are in alignment with those goals and we identify where you specifically want to take your business in the short, medium and long term. 
During this day you will walk away with a clear vision for where you are heading, and will create an 18-month plan with the actions you need to take upon leaving the bootcamp to ensure that your business begins to grow from the very next day!

So if you are a business owner who wants to create a commercial, profitable enterprise that can work without you, then take action and secure your place today!

The Five to Seven Business Bootcamp, Five Lakes Resort event

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