Saturday, 21. September 2019, Country Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport North, Truth To Transformation 2-Day Live Experience - Scroll Down for Complete Details

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Country Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport North

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​                     Attention Small Business Owners, Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants
“In Two Days I will Reveal the Three Step Formula to Make Money Doing Something You Love Starting Exactly Where
You Are Right Now, Guaranteed!”

“If you have a desire to generate more income and have a whole lot more freedom then Eric Anderson without question is one of the very few men on this planet infinitely prepared from his life experience, his wisdom, and his genius to show you how to connect with the hearts and minds of your audience."  Joel Bauer
Dear Friend,
Not sure how you found me but I’m glad you did. If you’re an Author, Speaker, Business Owner, Life Coach or a Professional interested in doing something new and exciting, reading this letter will be one of the most important actions you take all day.
Let me explain.
If you are finally ready to gain total clarity and Tap into your passion and take what you love to do and Translate that into products and services that help other people and have those same people lining up eager and happily giving you their money you are in the right place. 
time I had no idea that Nobel Peace recipient and President of the United States Jimmy Carter would be in attendance. I was one of the few people personally selected to have a photo op with the President.My name is Eric Anderson the picture below was taken when I was invited to the Governor’s Mansion.
Here is why this photo matters to you.
This photo op only happened because of one simple strategy I learned and applied. This simple strategy can potentially put you in the same room as “High Profile” people.
More importantly I’ll share exactly what this strategy is during my 2-day LIVE event Truth To Transformation.
In addition to having an online business with clients around the world that have invested in my products, I have also shared the platform with World Class Athletes, Hollywood Celebrities and Talk Show Hosts.

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I’m hired as a keynote speaker for some of the largest organizations on the planet.
Not bad for a kid that grew up in group homes and foster homes, and started with zero connections, no money and was told repeatedly his life would amount to NOTHING!
“Three Powerful Reasons You Should Believe What I Say”
​Reason One: For the past 26 years I have had business(s) following my passions. It took me a hot second to get going but once I figured out the missing piece to the puzzle my life changed dramatically. During my 2-day LIVE event Truth To Transformation I’m going to share with you how to leverage your skills and knowledge and design a business around your lifestyle. Equally important I did not just show up on the scene claiming to be an expert.  I REALLY DO THIS STUFF! This what I have done and STILL DO and LOVE every moment of it.   Reason Two: I put my money where my mouth is with an iron clad 100% Guarantee.  You’ll be stunned when you hear about it in a few minutes.  I have a firm belief I should guarantee EVERYTHING YOU DO or I will not do it.  I’ll tell you more about my guarantee in a moment.   Reason Three: I have results-based testimonials from my clients.  These are real results that people like you have gotten using my process for personal and business transformation.  You’ll hear from some of my clients in just a minute.  I also have a couple of business owners I have personally worked with and helped get FANTASTIC RESULTS but for some reason they don’t want anybody else to know I'm their secret weapon.  It’s all good their secret is safe with me.  LOL   My 2-Day Live Event Truth To Transformation reveals how to gain clarity and turn what you love to do into a business that get people contacting you happy and eager to work with you. You will finally have the confidence you can create results on demand. ​Here is a taste of what you’ll discover in the…
2 Day LIVE Event Truth To Transformation

You will leave with my exact 3 step formula for turning something you love to do into BIG MONEY. It took me a while to break this down into something that’s simple POWERFUL YET anybody can understand and benefit from.


Information publishing – you’re going to leave with perhaps the best business model on the planet I will break it down so you understand ALL of its parts and you decide you’ll decide which parts you want to add to what your already doing


You will Experience your Ah-ha! Moment that will change the game for you. I can’t tell you exactly what it is right now but trust it will happen and when it does its life changing.


I will walk you through the five necessary mindset shifts you must make to experience and reach your goals you have for you and your family.


The number one secret I discovered that allowed me to make more than DOUBLE my income a couple of years earlier with less than 8 hours of work.


One secret that allowed me to connect with pretty much anybody. I’ve shared this with people and they are shocked how quickly results can happen.


So much more will be revealed - I have some surprises in store for you!

Here's the bottom line: By the end of this 2 Day Live Event you will have your ready to launch game plan to make more money doing what you love.  It's important you remember; this is not about just information!  It's all about taking action and getting you RESULTS FAST.
Plus You Will Receive These Special Bonus Gifts...

BONUS #1: You will leave the event with my Free Money Formula - if your starting with nothing this is the fastest way to cash this the first thing I would do if I were starting from ZERO. Guess what I still use this because it’s so powerful. You don’t need a product it cost basically nothing to get going you end up benefiting someone else and you et PAID in the process. this is unlike anything out there to make money oh yeah, it’s timeless first did this when I was 16 and had no clue what I was doing.


BONUS #2: You’re going to map out THE POWER SCRIPT When you add this to your marketing it’s like rocket fuel and leverages everything you do and changes the game dramatically. The most successful people in the word know and use this DAILY to huge results honestly if this was the only thing you walked away with the 2 days would be worth it. You see experience this everyday and just don’t think of it as an advantage. But trust me it is. In many cases it’s the only advantage you will need.

​Now, I know that you’re probably skeptical.  That’s normal and healthy.  But…don’t take my word for it.
Listen To What people Like are Saying…
“The first session was so mind-blowing I literally had a headache because the concepts were so amazing and outside of what I thought business was supposed to be about.
I started to apply a few of the concepts and within a very short period of time I’ve been making a lot more money.
Eric was telling me to add zeros to what I do. I was like no one is going to pay that! BUT they totally are! This makes me sustainable and it makes me more confident in my work and really feeling and living the value of what I do.
If you’re considering working with Eric Anderson don’t consider it just jump right in.
He is very authentic and very experienced because he has built himself from nothing to this mega speaker and coach. He is very authentic and can help you see beyond the things that are in your way. It has a lot to do with being who you are authentically.
Thank you, Eric for supporting me and elevating my business and my experience as an entrepreneur.”
Carla DeRosa
"Eric covers everything you could possible want to know. Then also adds the one on one if you had questions you can get your answers. His program helped define a course to take the business side to the next level. Thank you again, Eric Scott Mitchell

“Eric Anderson has personally benefited my life talking about taking your passion and monetizing and turning it into a business Eric shared some real easy clear steps I could get my head around and make my dream happen, Eric definitely helped me do that.” Karen Rands
​“Eric Anderson he has taught me the importance of starting from scratch, not caring what other people think, and how to take the skills I have and turn them into CASH MONEY.  Today I have a profitable business that makes money for me nonstop.  To date Eric’s advice has put $372,000.00 in my pocket.  Eric’s system is PURE GOLD, simply follow his step by step plan and reap the rewards.”  Marco Frezza
“I'm pleased to report that I am doing the work that I shared with you and it's awesome to see it unfold. You shared a few resources with me that completely supported me on my journey. Now, I have two platforms, a wonderful business as a corporate trainer AND a book. Your inspiration lit that fire. Thank you!” Monica Moody
“Eric will guide you toward the markets you should be pursuing and how to pursue them (and more importantly, how to get THEM to pursue YOU)... By doing so you'll show up more powerfully and likely far more successfully because you'll be marketing the RIGHT thing...the most powerful YOU.  Eric has been there, for decades, and I for one feel very lucky to have him as a trusted adviser." Will Fern
“It was a very, very, insightful seminar. Eric gave wonderful advise for current business owners. I felt like I actually learned several different techniques that I could apply to my company in order to help me further succeed in this industry. I loved it!” Valerie Travis
​“I just spent a couple of days with Eric Anderson learning all the secrets.  He was full of knowledge, and usually when you are working with one these guys who talks about marketing you never know if it’s going to be all hype or the real deal.   Eric is definitely the Real Deal!  He tells it like it is.  He is sharing everything he knows.”  
Ryan Pilling
​“Your lecture and especially the binder notes gave me some great ideas to reach even more potential clients! You give insights that many other off the shelf courses miss completely.  I highly recommend any group to get you there as soon as possible.”  Brian Glow
​​ ​“Thanks so much for your lecture in Odessa, Texas.  As you know, we live 135 miles from Odessa and, with the lecture at 7:00 pm, we had to leave about 4:00 to get there in time for the lecture.  I am so glad we got there on time.  Every minute of the lecture was enjoyable, entertaining and enlightening.  We learned so much.  As I said we drove 135 miles to see your lecture and so, with gas prices the way they are today, along with the hotel bill and the meals, it took quite a commitment from us (my wife and I) to make this trip.  The bottom line...I WOULD DO IT AGAIN IN A MINUTE!!!!  The 135-mile ride back to San Angelo seemed to be the quickest trip we ever took because we did nothing but talk about the things we learned at the lecture!  One of the best things about the lectured was that my wife can apply everything you taught, to her business.  Again, what a wonderful seminar.  I said it that night and I will say it again...."You don't charge enough; I would pay twice what it cost me.... it’s that good.” Gary Kelton
By Now You’re Probably Wondering “What Is
The Investment In The Program”
First off here are the dates of Truth To Transformation September 21-22, 2019. That’s a Saturday and Sunday. The event will take place at a hotel near the Atlanta Airport. You will receive the location when you register for the event.
What I’m sharing with you in two days is the same information my private coaching clients have invested a minimum of $3000.00 to discover.
You could easly sys this is worth at least $3000 for the two day live event.
As I’m sitting here typing this I just finished watching billionaire Robert Smith pay off the student loan debt for an entire graduating class and said WOW! what can I do.
So here is the deal the retail investment for the program is zero, nada, zilch, because right now as you are reading this I am going to gift you a Free Master Pass to attend the 2 Day Live Event Truth To Transformation. This is my gift to you.
If you get your ticket right now you are in. But this is what I ask of you - DO NOT TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY FROM SOMEONE ELSE.
If you’re not going to show up then you are stealing someone else’s opportunity.
This Special Opportunity is limited to no more than 50 people. I have purposely made the event small and intimate this way I can answer your questions and work with you personally.
During the event I will be the only speaker this is not a sell a thon, matter of fact I have NOTHING to sell you.
Important – If you think because I’m gifting you a Master Pass to attend Truth To Transformation and therefore how good can this event be you will be making a HUGE mistake. I’m going to pull back the curtain and reveal the pieces to the puzzle you have been missing on your journey. Trust me when you take action and act on this information you will have the opportunity to transform your life.
Plus you Have My Ah-Ha! Moment Guarantee
The Ah-Ha! Moment Guarantee
During our two days together, you will have your Ah-Ha! Moment. In that instant, you will realize what’s been missing in your life and you will finally enjoy clarity about how to move forward. And when you take action on what’s being given to you during this experience you will have a personal transformation in your life and business.
​YES, Eric, I am ready to enroll in Truth To Transformation 2-Day Live I will ​have a Proven System that will have me booking more shows for more money in the markets(s) I choose, allowing me to create more freedom for me and my family.  ​I understand my investment is FREE, and you are gifting me a Master Pass to attend the Live event. 
Once your information is received your Master Pass will be sent to you with the location and other important information leading up to September 21-22, 2019 live event.  I will also send you my daily episodes of Eric's Escapdes.  This is a daily dose of business motivation and marketing tips you can use leading up to the event.  I will also share additional details leading up to Truth To Transformation.
You must have your Masterpass to attend,  this is how we keep track of the number of attendees. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person.  Register now while it's fresh on your mind. Sincerely,
Eric Anderson
​The Magic of Giving
​P.S. Anthony Ware sent me the following email… I guarantee you’ll feel the same way.
​“Eric I have a success story for you.  Following your format, I just secured my Platinum Package at $1257.00.  This is actually the highest amount I’ve ever received.  It’s upwards from here. Your product is gold! Thanks!!! "

 P.P.S. If you know someone who will benefit from this LIVE Event feel free to share this with them.

Truth To Transformation 2-Day Live Experience - Scroll Down for Complete Details, Country Inn & Suites Atlanta Airport North event

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