Saturday, 20. June 2020, Unity College : Sky Lodge, Summer Solstice SwimRun 2020 - Maine

from 20. June 2020 - 8:00 till 14:00

Unity College : Sky Lodge

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Event description
Welcome to the Summer Solstice SwimRun!
Starting and ending at the historic Sky Lodge in Moose River, Maine, the Summer Solstice SwimRun is an event for seasoned endurance athletes, SwimRun newbies, and fun for the entire family. The Moose River valley of Maine is a favorite spot for winter snowmobiling, skiing and snowshoeing, fall leaf peeping and hunting, and summer rafting, ATV, hiking, and trail biking. Come experience this Maine woods region’s cultural and natural history in a new way with either a beginner-friendly short course SwimRun race of approximately 12.2 kilometers or a challenging long course SwimRun race of just over 26 kilometers. There will also be fitness activities for families and community members while racers are on the course.
Summer Solstice SwimRun Overview
Location: Sky Lodge, Moose River, Maine
Temperature: Typical late June in Moose River: water temp 56-62 degrees F, average air temp 65 degrees F.
Friday, June 19, 2020

5:00 p.m. Mandatory check-in, gear check, and race briefing at Moose River Valley Center
8:00 p.m. Bonfire at Sky Lodge

Saturday, June 20, 2020

8:00 a.m. Summer Solstice SwimRun Long Course start
10:00 a.m. Summer Solstice SwimRun Short Course start
1:00 p.m. Awards ceremony

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How do I find a partner for the SwimRun?
Convince a friend or family member to train with you, or find someone from your training group if applicable. Reach out to social networks. If a person-to-person search leaves you empty handed, you may want to try partner match web sites such as U.S. SwimRun, Wolff-Wear or California SwimRun. Looking for tips on what to look for in a partner? Check out the video from our wetsuit sponsor, Orca: 

What are my transportation and lodging options for the Summer Solstice SwimRun?
Stay at the historic Sky Lodge or one of the cabins on site, or make reservations at one of the many hotels, motels, cabins, or lodges in the area. For those traveling by plane, Bangor, Maine and Quebec City, Quebec, are the closest large airports; Jackman’s Newton Field municipal airport accepts chartered and private flights. 
Book your room or cabin at Sky Lodge and be steps away from all the action! 
Who can I contact with any questions?
Contact Rachel Crater at
What's the refund policy? Is my registration transferrable?
There are no refunds. Registration is not transferrable. 
What do I need to bring to check-in?
Each athlete must have a current USAT membership. A USAT one-day pass may be purchased for $15.

Can I qualify for the SwimRun National Championship?
TBD for 2020

What gear is required for the Summer Solstice SwimRun?
Your safety is important! Read our notes below, and check out our video overview of the required gear.

One wetsuit per person covering at minimum the torso and upper half of the thighs.    Look for a wetsuit with flexible and soft material under the arms and between the legs, good buoyancy around the core and hips, and length to the knees to help with freedom of movement during the run. Several wetsuit companies offer a SwimRun specific wetsuit. In a pinch, some people take a standard open water swimming suit and cut it just above the knees. 

One tether per team (10 feet is recommended length)    The tether keeps you and your partner connected to each other for safety. A bungee material is best for the tether itself, and you'll want some kind of belt on each end, one for each partner to wear; the belt should be a non-stretchy material. A brightly colored bungee is easier to see in the water. You can find SwimRun specific tethers with integrated belts on some web sites. Alternatively, you can create your own tether system from, for example, a canoe tie-down bungee, two carabiners, and the belts from two safety buoys. Some teams un-clip their tether during the run and others like to stay connected so they stay close on the run as well as the swim. Figure out whether you will swim side-by-side (in which case you may both want the tether attachment on your bellies) or one person in the lead (in which case the tether attachment is on that person's back and the trailing swimmer's belly). The most important thing about tethering is to practice with it several times before the race, so you can make tweaks to your own preference.

One whistle per person    We recommend clipping this to your wetsuit zipper.

One swim safety buoy per team     The mandatory buoy is for visibility in open water swimming. It floats on top of the water behind you so that boaters, safety personnel, and other swimmers can see you better. Most are inflated manually and attach to the waist by a belt. Search "open water swim buoy" to find them online. There's not much variation in size, so any of the ones on the market will suffice for the mandatory buoy. Note that many brands come with an integrated pouch that claims to be waterproof, but find they are not always reliably so.

One course map per team (provided), packed in waterproof fashion    SwimRun specific waterproof pouches are available online, or a zippered baggie will work.

One First Aid Pressure Bandage, packed in waterproof fashion     These gauze bandages are available in most pharmacies and large grocery stores, and can be packed along with your map.

What other gear is allowed?
Everything else about SwimRun is highly dependent on personal preference. Our thoughts are below, and also check out our video explanation of optional gear. 

Hand paddles    Hand paddles add power to your swim stroke, but be sure to practice with them for many weeks/months prior to the race, to build up strength and prevent injury.

Insulating/neoprene swim cap, gloves, socks    If you tend to get cold, you are allowed to wear a neoprene cap under the issued race cap. You might consider neoprene gloves and/or socks if your hands and feet tend to get cold. We suggest trying out a few types before finding a pair that fits well and doesn’t collect too much water - the extra water in gloves makes the hands heavy during the swim stroke, or the feet during the run. Many racers use a compression sock that comes up to the knee, or a neoprene calf sleeve.

Personal flotation device (cannot be larger than 40″ x 24″)    Personal flotation devices include swim buoys that are used between the legs. This is a matter of personal preference: if you swim faster in the pool or open water with a swim buoy, then you might consider one for this race. Some swimmers feel that the buoyancy provided by the wetsuit is sufficient. Like the tether, you can purchase a buoy specific to SwimRun, or you can get one from a swim shop and punch holes through it and use bungee cords to strap it to your thigh. You’ll want to be able to easily rotate it in and out of position for the swim vs. the run.

Flippers    Some racers find flippers helpful during the swim. Note that although the optional equipment is allowed, you must carry it all with you, and flippers in particular also take time to put on and off during the multiple transitions.

Compass or watch compass   

Personal nutrition    Many racers carry some form of lightweight concentrated nutrition: gel, blocks, bars, etc. Some do bring water on a belt, and sometimes the belt can be used for multiple purposes: water, tether, safety buoy. Our aid stations will have water, bananas, and cinnamon rolls. Whatever you plan to use for race-day nutrition, be sure to practice with it in advance. The same is true for everything - don’t let race day be the first time you've used, tried, or eaten something!

I am new to SwimRun - where can I find gear for the race?
Congratulations for trying SwimRun, a fun and fast-growing adventure race! There are many vendors that provide gear for swimming and running, and some swimrun-specific companies are emerging, too. A quick web search will yield several guides and companies to choose from. 

Do you have any other recommendations?

Shoes: There will definitely be rocks, sticks, a lot of uneven ground, and also gravel logging roads. Some portions will require following flagging through the woods. You might be in some areas with low water that obscures the terrain. Any shoe with a durable sole and good traction will protect against the surface variability; the key to the shoes, in our experience, is good drainage so that your feet aren't heavy while running.

Carry bag:     Some racers use some kind of mesh carrying pack if they have a lot of gear. You'll want to make it secure so it doesn't bounce around while you run, or drag you too much on the swim. Most racers try to minimize gear that they have to take on or off and carry, and instead rig ways to strap the gear you want to your body for easy shifting in and out of position. Our approach is - and here again, it's all about personal preference - less gear, faster transitions.

Summer Solstice SwimRun 2020 - Maine, Unity College : Sky Lodge event

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