Tuesday, 12. November 2019, Clayton Conf Ctr, CXP-Certified Disciplined Agilist-(CDA) eXam-Prep [CXP] - DA agile- St Louis, MO

from 12. November 2019 - 8:00
till 13. November 2019 - 16:00

Clayton Conf Ctr

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Event description
This course will help you learn Disciplined Agile [DA] and be ready to take/pass the CDA cert exam.  You will learn how to move from older traditional big-batch, project-based approaches to the Lean-Agile-DevOps ways of delivering value early and often with high quality.  
CXP = [CDA eXam Prep] ,       CDA = Certified Disciplined Agilist
 Earn your CDA cert with our 4-step process
   1. Work thru moderate pre-read materials
   2. Attend 2-day Interactive classroom course
   3. Final self-study and practice test
   4. Take/Pass exam
 Earn now and likely be grandfathered into PMI updated certification anticipated related to PMBOK 7.  These certifications do not get easier, so do not delay.
Why DA?  Sometimes, scrum is just right, sometimes it's too heavy, and sometimes it's not the right thing at all. And even if it's the right thing, it's not easy to just start doing scrum without setting the stage and reasoning properly about the nature of the work, the best possible combination of  roles and people and how to get going successfully. The same can be said for all other lean agile and devops endeavors. This is where disciplined agile DA comes in*
DA stresses people-first, learning-oriented hybrid agile approach to IT solution delivery with DAD, which has risk-value delivery lifecycle, is goal-driven, is enterprise aware, and is scalable. 
 At Omni3systems, we believe in ****-to-**** training, sharing, learning and collaborating as best approach to fully understanding the material and best prepping for the CDA exam.  During the course, we teach you to navigate an abundance of information found in the website and become strongly familiar with on-line resources so that you can use this on the job, not needing to carry along a 400+ page book of charts.  We will help you understand how current roles translate into the world of Lean-Agile-DevOps, and how to leverage your skills, boost your career and improve your organizations ability to deliver value early and often with high quality. 
  If you have a group sized 10-30, we can do this course at your site too.
Choose your Way of Working (WoW) via process goal diagrams. These can enhance SAFe, Scrum, DevOps, Lean, Kanban, etc. for incremental and sustained improvement, or give you a starting point if you are doing nothing in this space yet. 
7 Principles of DA:
•Delight Customers          •Be Awesome              •Pragmatism         •Context Counts  

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•Choice is Good                  • Optimize Flow                     •Enterprise Awareness

             "don't wait until you are obsolete to re-invent yourself”     

Once you sign-up, we send you the needed details about pre-read materials and steps to be ready for the course and the exam to earn the CDA certification, including the exam fee you pay separately if you want to do that step. Even if you do not go for the exam, you are still welcome to learn all about DA with us and apply it to your scenario/context to help you improve. 
 - Discover how to choose the right lifecycle and tailor your agile process to reflect the actual situation you find yourself in, along with focusing on process outcomes, rather than conform to process prescriptions.
 -  Know the 5 DA roles: Team Lead (~ScrumMaster), Product Owner, Architecture Owner, Team Member, Stakeholder plus the 5 additional optional scaling roles
 -  Discover how agile solution delivery works in enterprise settings
 -  Learn the DA Manifesto, which expands upon the Agile Manifesto
 - Understand how the seven principles of lean manufacturing can be applied to optimize the whole IT value stream
  -  Learn how to avoid costly "agile beginner mistakes" by starting with a full delivery lifecycle
  -  Learn how all aspects of software delivery – architecture, design, testing, programming, leadership, quality assurance, data administration – come together in a cohesive whole
  - Understand how proper application of the following 3 high-level phases can help ensure success
1. Inception Phase: Covers key activities for initiating a DA team, including initial requirements modelling, initial architecture modelling, initial release planning, strategies for your physical and virtual work environments, initial risk identification, and driving to a shared vision with your stakeholders.
2. Construction Phase: Describes many technical strategies for building consumable increments of your solution, including test-driven development (TDD), acceptance TDD, how to initiate an iteration/sprint, look-ahead modelling and planning, spikes, regular coordination meetings, continuous integration, continuous deployment, whole-team testing, parallel independent testing, information radiators, Kanban boards, burn up charts, and many more. In this module we also look at agile construction from a traditional point of view, showing how activities such as architecture, analysis, design, testing, management, and user experience (UX) are addressed all the way through the lifecycle.
3.  Transition Phase: Overviews strategies for releasing the solution to your stakeholders.
Course Benefits with Omni3
- Guarenteed1st-Pass-Rate, if you don't pass in first try [30-day limit], we split the retake fee
- Payment Plan available, because many folks are investing in their own career and paying out of their own pocket - $75 off if you register a friend
- Learn how your role/skills & strengths best translate into DA
- Pre-read materials [optional] identified prior to course, and study group set-up facilitated for after course to include discussion of sample test questions
- Great networking event into the lean-agile-DevOps world – and my students find jobs via my classes/network
- Not an "Ivory Tower" Instructor. Dan, an active lean-agile xform practioner in Corporate America, brings real-life experience from 7+ industries, 20+ companies

*Disciplined Agile helps you understand, evaluate and apply the most effective practices across Lean-Agile-DevOps methods and apply context and goal driven approaches that you can use to optimize your way of working (WoW).  DA helps you reason thru the steps and fill in the blanks so that transition into product thinking, away from project thinking, has an even better chance of success. It reinforces understanding small-batch, early value delivery, Lean Startup and the right quality processes, architecture, business and all elements of the organization that could be involved. 
       If you are already using the #1 scaling approach, full-construct Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), or perhaps the "Essential SAFe®  " portion of scaled agile framework, DA can help you with it's toolkit of process goals to think about.  It may enhance your preparations for initiating a Kanban team.  It may help you more clearly decide and identify the basic team roles you should use in your context, helping you reason beyond just the three prescribed team roles available in off-the-shelf scrum. DA will help you better understand some of the DevOps thinking, so that are if you are making a strong push to DevOps within a SAFe initiative for example, you have even more information at your disposal.  And if you are ondering about elemenst such as release and security fittin into DevOps, there is solid visual and content to help ther too.  

     DA help you look at the transformation and transition through the lens of process goals, and house give you a reusable template of ideas and questions to think through  in each of those identified areas. Why start from scratch?  DA gives you more tools to apply Kaizen, thinking, which is Japanese for improvement.  Why not apply the lessons learned and the thought starters provided within Disciplined Agile?  Especially, if you are new to this area and you are mostly doing traditional project management, or not even really following any other framework at all yet. 

Refund Policy/Terms and Conditions
  -  Full Refund if 30 or more days notice 
  - 1/2 refund with 14 days notice. 
  -  1/3 refund between 14 and 7 days notice.   [no refund with less than 7 day notice.]
 - but in many cases may transfer to different class/another student
Instructor Info: Public Profile:
Instructor: Daniel J. Miklusicak, Lean-Agile/SAFe Transformation Consultant & Instructor

CXP-Certified Disciplined Agilist-(CDA) eXam-Prep [CXP] - DA agile- St Louis, MO, Clayton Conf Ctr event

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