Thursday, 02. May 2024, Crestview, SUPPORT & SHARE to FIND Emmanuel Menz who was KIDNAPPED!

from 02. May 2024 - 12:00
till 02. August 2024 - 15:00
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♥ #BringMannyHome #JusticeForManny

Bring Manny Home

Support Bring Manny Home & SHARE to FIND Emmanuel Menz

You assistance is needed in the safe return of Manny. 3-year-old Emmanuel Menz was abducted on March 6, 2014 from Crestview, Florida Whereabouts unknown.

The Crestview Police Department seeks immediate assistance in locating 3-year-old Emmanuel Menz, who allegedly was abducted approximately 11:15 a.m. from the Burger King at 3210 S. Ferdon Blvd., during a supervised visit with the Department of Children and Families.

Emmanuel's father and mother, Karl R. Menz and Virginia M. Lynch, don't have custodial rights to Emmanuel, who is currently in foster care, police said.

Menz and Lynch left Burger King with Emmanuel in avehicle, police said.

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Emmanuel is autistic and may not be able to communicate clearly.

Police asked residents to dial 911 immediately or contact the Crestview Police Department, 682-2055 or 682-3544, with any information on the suspects. Or Call 911!!! Our Community wants him back!

Detailed descriptions of the kidnappers:

From Manny's sister's - His father usually wears camo shorts and cut off sleeve shirts; black sunglasses and a dark colored cap when he is out in public. He also heavily smokes cigarettes, so he might be seen at any pharmacy or gas station that sells pall malls. He can not live without his cigarettes. They like to hide at campsites or cheap hotels and always sign in using my mom (Virgina Lynch) name because they never got a new ID when she remarried. They also go around storage units a lot. They could be headed to Texas because the weather doesn't bother Karl's allergies. They will pull "crazy ivan" (drive in random directions to loose somebody behind them) while they're driving if they have suspicions that their being followed by somebody.

My mom wears Karl's oversized shirts and black pants. She will panic if she sees a cop while sitting alone in the car and will try to suddenly speed off, her parking is worse than her driving especially in reverse, so Karl usually drives. They will go to churches for food and support, but never the catholic ones. Emmanuel loves being very loud, you could hear if he screamed from a second floor. My mom's cooking smell of asian foods will seep into the hallways. Karl tries to park the car to "fit in" with the rest but my mom will park in the loneliest spots. They will hide in walmart parking lots or anywhere where vehicles are parked everywhere all night. They cover up the windows of their vehicle with sun covers when they sleep in it. They will park in the back of where their staying with the license plate facing inwards so people driving by can't see it unless they walk up behind it, which freaks them out if they see someone looking at their vehicle, they always look out their windows. They usually buy their fast food from McDonalds or Wendys. Karl also has a muffin top and never smiles unless he is talking to the baby. He thinks he is normal and a know it all and thinks everyone else is crazy. They will both start yelling and screaming if the baby is crying.

Karl will try to make friends with anyone who seems clueless and nice to him especially little kids, or even security. They stay in isolated to their place most of the time unless they are camping. The baby will always be inside the tent if they have one pitched up. They used to talk about getting a camper as well, even if it meant stealing it. Most often done at night at storage units. They are terrified of witchcraft, anything to do with satan, and police vehicles or any in uniform.

I know how they hide and think. I've lived in those exact situations with them for 3 years. If you need any other ideas of they could do you can contact me. I will help the best I can remember.

If they are giving emmanuel the same diet as they did before, they would probably feed him pastries, bread like foods such as honey buns and pancakes. That's the diet my mom and Karl usually have him.

Karl also likes to drink any kind of orange soda such as sunkist, crush, generics, any orange soda. Karl did always play online poker, Texas hold 'em, if that helps. I wouldn't be suprised if they had their names changed because they watched shows on how to do that. They may try to live out in the country or in the hills.

Karl also has a large scar on his lower left calf leg. I believe it's his left but may be the right. It looks like a 4-5 in purplish scrape. They have no tattoos, at least from I last saw them they didn't have any. My mom had a chapped **** around her chin and lip area. My mom has also gained weight from the last picture they took. They didn't have wedding bands. Karl's eye twitched a lot, left or right, when he talked to people. He smokes pall malls. My mom didn't smoke. Karl has scoliosis if that helps. Karl or my mom may have changed their style of clothing because Karl watched those "I almost got away with it.

SUPPORT & SHARE to FIND Emmanuel Menz who was KIDNAPPED!, Crestview event



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